Preparations for AppArt’s Easter Exhibition are well underway

The start of the new year has seen preparations for AppArt’s Easter Exhibition & Sculpture Trail go into overdrive. The design of posters and flyers has been finalised and press reviews are being written. Advertisements have been created and placed in appropriate targeted publications.

We are also delighted that Tinx Newton, Arts Editor of Surrey Life magazine has agreed to open the exhibition on Saturday 2nd April. She is a great enthusiast and supporter of the arts in Surrey and we are looking forward to welcoming her to our 21st Exhibition.

This is always an exciting time of the year for us as the applications regularly arrive by post or email. We are delighted with the quality and the variety of the work we have seen so far and we will have a number of new artists taking part. We have been busy during the year attending exhibitions to encourage new talented artists to show their work with us.

Applications are due by Saturday 30th January so there is a little time left if artists have not submitted their entries yet.

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