AppArt’s Sculpture Garden was open on Sunday 19th June.

Nine gardens and the Village School took part in the Grayswood Village Open Gardens biannual event to raise money for All Saints Church. From 11.30 onwards visitors flocked to see the very different gardens that were open throughout this very English and picturesque village. AppArt’s garden was unusual as it has been designed to show off artwork in the garden. There are a number of permanent sculptures many with an animal theme as well as a few on loan from Joe Szabo and Peter Newsome. Glass art was a feature this year with Julia Webster’s “Big C” ,Peter Newsome’s “In Concert” and Joe Szabo’s “Spring Awakening.” They have all been created using different techniques. Big C is a cast piece whereas In Concert is bonded glass and Spring Awakening is a combination of stained glass and metal work. They added to the colourful display of delphiniums, lupins, roses, sweet peas, astrantia and alliums.

Over the years we have acquired a small menagerie of Carlos Dare’s aluminium animals. There are mice and squirrels on the fences, rabbits hiding in the borders and the lawns graced by peacocks, foxes and a stately grey wolf. Perched on the bright red pergola amongst the roses are two barn owls so there was a lot for the visitors to see, especially the children. Some were trying to track down brightly coloured snails that had been hidden in all of the gardens.

The weather was kind and the visitors were very complimentary about the garden and offered the odd tip to ensure a better crop of potatoes. Shortly after the close at 5.30 pm the heavens opened and we retired inside for a well deserved glass of wine.

This was real cooperative venture with a small team organising the entire event and providing teas and refreshments and plants from the village hall. We look forward to 2018.

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