AppArt’s Sculpture Trail is open to local Schools from Monday 18th March.

The Sculpture Trail of over 100 works is being set up earlier than the main exhibition so that local school children can visit it during their term time. Worksheets have been specially created for them and Prior’s Field School will ensure they have a creative time. We think they will be delighted with the drove of hares by Monmouthshire sculptor Christine Baxter that will grace the wall in the Gertrude Jeykle inspired garden. “Itchy”, “topsey turvey” and “leaping” hares will amuse and intrigue.

Other works that will be attract include Christine Charlesworth’s “Hide and Seek “ of two children playing. However they may want to hide from Gilbert Whyman’s giant Samurai made from scrap metal and seek more friendly sculptures such as Jon Barrett- Danes ceramic ducks. School groups and local cub and scouts have booked into see the trail and the Head of the Art Department Stephen Kinder is going to provide workshops. Although the trail is not quite complete there is so much to see and we are pleased that we have several new sculptors taking part.

There is much to see outside and later when the main exhibition opens to the public there will be 600 artworks on display in the School’s theatre.

AppArt will be open daily from Saturday 6thApril to Easter Sunday 21stApril form 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is free.

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