AppArt’s Sculpture Trail will dazzle and amaze local school children.

Oriental dragons, hanging bats, Giant Fungi, Jack Frost and a menagerie of animals domestic and wild are amongst the many exhibits that will greet local schoolchildren at Prior’s Field School this week. The annual AppArt Sculpture Trail has been installed for the fifth year running at the school. It is opened two weeks before the main indoor exhibition so that local school children can visit during their term time.

This is the biggest and most varied trail ever and the children will find lots of sculptures to amaze, intrigue and inspire them. Evelyn Phillips has created a magical trail in the attractive Gertrude Jekyll inspired gardens at Prior’s Field School. On the front bank there is the School’s own unicorn, an oriental dragon, Royal Helix (a long horned antelope) and Dream Chaser to greet them as they arrive. Worksheets have been created to help the visitors explore the trail and identify the different materials used by the sculptors and for them to draw their favourite choices.

The indoor exhibition and sculpture trail will be open to the public on Good Friday (30th March) from 10 am to 4 pm and then every day until Saturday 14th April. Admission is free and a warm welcome is guaranteed as well as refreshments.

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