Lingwood Samuel’s Box Of Delights

On Saturday 14th November we visited the Lingwood Samuel Gallery in Church Street, Godalming, for their Christmas Exhibition “Box of Delights.” This was a very apt title and the gallery was full of lots of small, ceramics, sculptures and a few larger pictures. There was so much to admire and certainly visitors will have no difficulty choosing gifts for Christmas that will be different and rather special.

Virginia Ray’s paintings were dramatic and immediately attracted your attention as you entered the gallery and it was no surprise to see several red stickers alongside them. In the far left side of the gallery there was literally a box of delights with lots of small sculptures and ceramics on display. There were some beautifully crafted animal sculptures by Fiona Lloyd Coombes and I particularly liked her hare on its back in the front window display.

Jean Tolkovsky had several of her unique sculptures on view and they are quirky and very distinctive. We really like her work. Francis Bloomfield had created a fascinating montage “Fissure 7” that was intricate in its scale and detail. Margaret Samuel is well known for her study of dogs and there were lots of her small sculptures as well as a very strong study of a terrier. Another artist that appealed was Vicky Lindo and her boldly decorated plates and bowls featured some adorable cats that perhaps were up to no good?

A visit to the gallery really will be a delight as there is so much to see in this intimate and appealing setting.

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