Cross Barns Art Exhibition well attended

Cross Barns Art Exhibition was held in refurbished barn with old red bricks walls and a big wooden beamed ceiling. It was an ideal setting for displaying the many paintings of artists that attend Jamel Akib’s painting workshops there. You could clearly see Jamel’s influence in many of the paintings with his characteristic bright or dark backgrounds, the rapid brushstrokes that gave movement and depth to the pictures.

Jamel is one of AppArt’s most successful painters and we sold all of his work at our Easter Exhibition at Prior’s Field. He asked Evelyn and I to judge the paintings at his exhibition but as Evelyn was going to be in Holland this difficult task was left to me!

I arrived in plenty of time and right from the start of the Private View there were many artists and potential buyers present. I slowly walked round the exhibition to get a feel for the works on display. The subjects were extremely varied but as expected there were lots of portraits, landscapes and paintings of animals and birds. I decided to photograph those pictures that caught my eye and by doing so I was able to narrow down my choice to perhaps twenty or so works. In the end I decided that I liked “Coffee Chatter” the most. This had very little colour but it was beautifully executed and caught the atmosphere of ladies chatting in a coffee shop. The runner up by contrast was full of vivid colours. “Bluebell woods” captured the vibrancy of a wood at this time of the year and I particularly liked the simplicity of the work.

Jamel presented the awards and we very much hope that more of his artists will show with us at our future exhibitions.

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