Haslemere Hares are launched in May at the Haslemere Museum

Following the success of last year’s Haslemere Hogs this year the theme for the decorated animals is Haslemere Hares. 60 have already been sponsored so the charity fund raising should exceed the £35,000 total of last year.

One of the last to be completed was AppArt’s and “Haremony” was created over the three days of the recent May Bank holiday. Evelyn choose to only use black on white and the theme has a ying and yang inspiration. The design has an intricate floral pattern which has covered most of the body of the Hare. It is clearly a female hare and the delicate eye brows and nose give that away.

The launch is on the 19th May at Haslemere Museum and thousands are expected to attend. Thereafter the town will have on display the 60 May not March hares!

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