John Wright inspires two budding artists

Here is a really inspiring story about how you can make a big impression without realising it. This story is about John Wright who travelled extensively through the Americas. Two people he encouraged contacted us through our website.

Here is their story:

“John visited Belize and lived here temporarily about 19 years ago at which time I was 10 years old and my brother was 8. The village is called Placencia where I grew up and still live. When John came here he worked with the local school and discovered that my brother and I had a talent for sketching. Eventually he invited us to work in his little studio with him. There my brother and I created our first ever painting. Later on John left. And he has no idea we’ve become artists. There was no way to communicate with him through all the years that has passed. I would wish to let him know that if it wasn’t for an encounter with him neither my brother nor I would probably have become artists. I would love for him to see some of the work that we’ve done and some of our accomplishments in art. John left Placencia and has absolutely NO idea that he inspired and nurtured and planted the seed of art in both mine and my brother’s heart and mind.”

Omar and Grayson Sierra

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