Rosa Sepple Exhibition London

Rosa Sepple stunning exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London

Evelyn & I spent a memorable evening at the Mall Galleries this week and were completely entranced by the variety, quality and profusion of paintings by Rosa Sepple. There were some 120 paintings displayed to great effect and proving to be very popular with her growing group of art collectors.

As well as her familiar cheeky subjects of girls in bars, baths and at home there were other themes that we had not seen before. They were wonderfully executed and Rosa’s use of colour and textures in her work is a key feature. I particularly liked her landscapes, circus and religious themes and her take on Adam and Eve and the Last Supper were impressive. There was also a beautiful “Modigliani” like Madonna that reminded me of icons that I had seen in Rome and Moscow.

If you have a chance do go and see this classy show, which is on all this week or if you cannot make it then all the paintings are included in her very attractive book “Out of the Blue.”

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