AppArt’s Sculpture Trail designed to inspire and intrigue local schoolchildren.

Sunday 13th of March saw feverish activity at Prior’s Field School as sculptors arrived from all over the South to install their sculptures in the attractive grounds. This is two weeks in advance of the main exhibition opening so that local schoolchildren can view the trail before the end of their term.

There is bound to be something to inspire and intrigue them. Historical subjects are provided although “Guy Fawkes” on a bicycle using a mobile phone adds a quirky twist. Greek style sculptures such as “Metamorphosis” provide a classical taste. Always popular will be the varied collection of animals that range from small owls to ceramic rats, and sheep and delightful dogs. Exotic birds, glass birds in flight and a shoal of copper fish are all part of this sculpture menagerie.

They will also come across mythical and extinct creatures such as the imposing silver unicorn on the front bank and the solitary dodo in a shady glade. Modern abstract pieces abound such as the towering “Red Sky” that graces the entrance to the school. “Spring” will puzzle them; is it atoms & neutrons or planets that are featured here? They will be able to look through the “keyhole” and admire attractive stained glass and metal creations and ceramic and metals plants in natural settings. “Sussex Portal” a medieval arch and door is full of hidden secrets for them to explore.

Worksheets have been designed to ensure that they don’t miss anything and they will be encouraged to select and draw their favourite piece. Prior’s Field School and AppArt will ensure that they get a warm welcome and lots to discuss with their parents following their visit.

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