UCA Farnham OXO Exhibition 2015

Great glass, creative ceramics, eco friendly pods and masterful metalwork.

The graduates and staff from the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham assembled a stunning and impressive display of artwork at the Oxo Gallery, alongside the river Thames in central London.

Head of Glass at Farnham, Colin Webster has produced a clever piece based on the famous OXO logo. The glasswork was exceptionally strong and the use of colour was a dominant theme in the many different creations. There was both moulded and blown glass. Emelye Tailford and Julia Webster combined their glass structures with LED lighting. Sheryl Vaughan produced some strong angular glass art whereas Joanna Lloyd painstakingly built up layers of coloured glass that was then sliced to produce some striking and sedimentary type objects. Naomi Symonds used the  refractive properties of glass to illustrate the “concrete walls” that oppress in war torn countries.

There was good variety of stylish ceramics on view ranging from the strong basket like structures by Craig Richardson to the delicate “honeycomb” internal bone structures of Leona Read in porcelain clay to the stoneware work of Jane Ogden-Swift that explores natural and man made structures.

The “Piddington pod” outside the gallery provided a sanctuary for the students and staff and showcased some attractive hand beaten copper work that was tastefully combined with elegant metalwork and timber all made from recycled materials.

Metalwork was also on view alongside the pod and a rust coloured fire pit was a useful addition and added to the ambience of the event. Joanna Terrell produced some strong abstract free standing metal work structures that dominated their section of the gallery.

The OXO Gallery was a fitting venue to showcase the graduate class of 2015 and the staff and artists in residents that inspired them.

by Colin Webster

by Craig Richardson

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