Jamel Akib – Painter

Jamel Akib was born in Leigh-on-sea, Essex, England. Jamel spent his childhood in England and Northern Borneo.

He gained a BA honours Degree in Illustration in 1989. He began working for the London Observer newspaper while still a student at art college, and has since become an award winning artist involved in many exhibitions and commissions.
He has so far illustrated the covers for three booker prize finalists. He lives in Salisbury, England with his wife and two boys.

With his sweeping brush strokes, you can tell from Jamel Akib’s energetic illustrations how passionate he is about painting. He loves the feel of paint on the brush and its naturally pleasing effect on canvas.

Akib’s impressionistic, pastel illustrations make stunning use of extreme perspectives, as his characters shift from hope for the monsoon to fear of its power to excitement as the sky opens.

Artist website: www.jamelakib.com