Christine Charlesworth – Sculpture

The sculptural form, especially the human body, has always been of particular interest. I work mainly in clay because it enables me to capture the details of the figure more easily that in a harder material. I do not smooth my work but use sculpting tools to lay on and cut back to form shadows. I feel it is important that these marks remain in the clay to give texture, light and depth to the finished surface.

Movement inspires me, however small and I try to capture it in all my work. Even with a head and shoulders portrait I will show a slight twist or bend to the head, a turn to the eye, a raised eyebrow, and the beginnings of a smile or perhaps the slight opening of the mouth in speech. I also think it is important for a sculpture to have a flow of form, an echo of shape and portraits not only capture a likeness but also the spirit and personality of the person.

Christine lives locally in Milford and was one of the official artists of the London Olympics 2012.