Daren Greenhow – Sculpture

Daren GreenhowI was born in 1970 and live in the south of England.

I have worked as a professional sculptor since 2003, prior to which art was my hobby and I worked as a scientist to earn a living.

Creation and innovation have both been life-long passions, starting with model building as a child, moving on to car restoration as a teenager.

I have also always been a keen cyclist. I now believe it was inevitable my interests would merge into my own unique artistic style.

My medium of choice is steel, predominantly bicycle parts, using welding as the primary joining technique. I sculpt around a wide range of subjects including birds, fish, insects, land mammals and the human body as well as abstract forms. My works are large and small for both indoor and outdoor exhibition.

I exhibit my work widely in the United Kingdom, working on both private and public commissions.

I enjoy reinterpreting old bicycle parts and the challenge of putting them into unusual, often unexpected context. Almost everyone has ridden a bicycle during their lives and can recognise the components I use in my sculptures.

I believe this connection gives the viewer a greater affinity for my work. It also means my work can be appreciated by people of all ages, young and old.