Ev Meynell – Sculpture

Ev MeynellSelf-taught as a sculptor, Everard Meynell has been practising his art for around 35 years. During that time, he has worked on corporate commissions, landscape design projects and established a loyal following of clients.

His work celebrates the natural vitality that links humans with other living forms and with our natural environment and he expresses this in both figurative and abstract modes.

Many of Ev’s pieces stretch out with welcoming exuberance and explosive energy, and are often stylised to the point where interest is divided between recognition of the figure as representation and response to its abstract form.

A keen environmentalist, Ev has moved in recent years towards a more personalised expression which celebrates subtle shifts in human relationships and the bonding of life forces through nature. Many pieces experiment with metamorphoses between the human and natural world and between figurative and abstract modes. He particularly enjoys capturing the point of balance between representation and abstraction and shifting images inspired by driftwood, clouds or flames which take on human or animal forms.

He works in clay and casts his pieces in bronze or various resins, sometimes with the addition of stainless steel rims in the abstract sculptures.