Paul Myers – Sculpture

Paul MyersFrom an early age, I was predominately absorbed by the technical and practical aspects of the world around me but, coming from an extended family well endowed with artistic and creative individuals, was also generously exposed to interests of a more artistically creative nature.

My younger working life was dominated by working within various technologies but with a constant hankering to find a way of redressing the imbalance of too much science and not enough art.

On emigrating to Australia, perhaps more by some luck than considered intention, I became involved in the production of technology in support of various visual media which opened doors into a far more satisfying creative existence.

Today I am now occupied on a full time basis producing sculptural pieces. These for the most part, seem to inform me of their desire to be bought into existence. My job has become working out how to deal with the technical challenges and do the perspiring that invariably follows the inspiration.

Though at first glance, much of my work may appear to be just simple graphical objects, it is my wish and hope that it should convey through its shape and form some semblance of the feelings and emotions that both inspired and remained present during the process of it being bought into a physical existence.