Jane Silk – Sculpture & Ceramics

I trained at Berkshire College of Art and afterwards at Bath Academy of Art in three-dimensional design, specialising in ceramics. I love the natural world and this has always been at the root of my inspiration. My work seems to fluctuate between a conscious simplicity of form with heightened surface tension – and rugged, textural surface qualities. Sometimes I am able to combine these two extremes, each enhancing the other.

My bird forms attempt to capture the spirit of the individual, often humorous, almost human – by the exaggeration and emphasis of their form, features and movement. The results attempt to convey the essence of their character and behaviour. Often they seem to communicate with each other and for this reason I usually make them in pairs or groups so that a ‘conversation’ can take place.

I am also increasingly fascinated by subtle surface qualities and the variation that can be achieved through a diverse and sometimes complex range of materials and treatments. My more recent abstract work has enabled the quality of surface to exercise some influence over the form itself. Each seems to be guiding and directing the other.