John Wright – Painting

John, who was born in Scotland where he studied at the Glasgow School of Art and whilst there won a scholarship to Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan USA.

In the 60’s he travelled to the Sahara region of Algeria and Mauritania following in the footsteps of the French explorer, Andre Lhote, in search of prehistoric cave paintings in the Tassili Mountains.

Further travels to South and Central America followed and John lived and painted in Venezuela, Belize, Ecuador and Mexico.

He says of his paintings “Mexico has given me new forms and combinations of colour which are alien to the Scottish palette and temperament. I revel in what I am discovering, painting with the freedom of the abstract.”

Henri Matisse stated “Colour was not given to us in order that we could imitate nature. It was given to us so we can express our emotions.”

John has settled for the last eight years in Surrey, where he has an established studio.

In the last year he has been working on a series of paintings that reflect lava flows and some of the indigenous people he met in South and Central America.