Exhibition Attracts Enthusiasts

A new venue sparked fresh interest in the AppArt Easter exhibition and sculpture trail, which attracted scores of art enthusiasts and exhibitors.

The first Surrey Sculpture Society exhibition of the year, AppArt took place at Prior’s Field School in Godalming.

The lofty and spacious theatre designed in keeping with the ‘arts and crafts’ design of the original buildings by Vosey proved the perfect location for the exhibition.

Outside, the Gertrude Jekyll-inspired garden was the ideal setting for the larger sculptures, carefully-sited to successfully combine the art with the attractive gardens.

Sculpture proved popular and included several large works, such as Jonathan Hately’s 365 (an intricate 3D sculpture with small tiles depicting the flora and fauna of the natural world, one for each day of the year).

‘Life’ by Allan Mackenzie, a cubist inspired abstract sculpture of a male, a female and child form, was impressive and shown off well in the gap between the beech hedges leading to the third lawn.

Christine Charlesworth provided several striking figurative sculptures and outside ‘Dance with me’ and inside ‘Sarong’ were both snapped up. Mike Savage exhibited for the first time and his finely-crafted copper and silver fish and birds were the most popular and affordable items.

Victor Ambrus drawings always attract attention, and ‘The White Hunter’ and ‘Natalie and Leo’ were some of the first sales on the opening day.

Maureen Davies’ rural scenes were displayed at the front of the exhibition.

Ruth Bachmeister’s miniature paintings of local scenes such as the ‘Devil’s Punch Bowl’ and ‘Cricket at Grayswood’ were exquisitely executed, whilst Fleur Robertson’s painted digital photographs also impressed.

Indoors, Alan Wallis works in stoneware clay and his three works featuring hares captured the features and poses so typical of the animal.

Many visitors also noted the quality of the school art on display from students and staff.

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